We are committed to delivering new flavors and a wider choice to Hungarian consumers with quality brands from the European Union and all over the world.


NOVA-IMPORT is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, registered under the firm MM NOVA KFT, launched in 2015.

The main activity of NOVA-IMPORT is importing and distributing food and soft drinks from abroad to Hungary. 

The aim of the company is to find excellent products worldwide that are unknown to Hungarian people. We want to introduce and distribute these products to the widest possible extent throughout the country so that all Hungarian people can meet and enrich themselves with these new flavours.

Our company is working with domestic companies, so we are indirectly in contact with thousands of partners. This way we can deliver our products to consumers at a greater national coverage.

Our partners include companies in the HoReCa area in Hungary, drug stores, independent food shops, petrol stations, supermarkets and network chains.


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We are committed to bringing Europe’s best flavors to Hungarian homes!
We are distributing an ever growing range of products, including specialty sweets, desserts, soft drinks, crackers and many other products. We represent and import many favorite brands to Hungary with exclusive distribution rights.

Our products sold in wholesale trade are for example:

Our goal is to establish contacts with as many foreign partners as possible and to provide more foreign companies with the chance to appear on the Hungarian market.


We are looking for foreign producers/manufacturers who meet the following criteria:

  • produce high quality products,
  • have adequate capacity,
  • are in possession of the required quality assurance standards,
  • apply competitive prices,
  • are ready for co-operation in the category of first class and in commercial brand, too.

In our business, we select from a wide range of suppliers from companies that meet the criteria listed above.

If your company meets the above mentioned criteria, be it a small-scale manufacturer or a world-branded producer


“We are constantly trying to identify new market trends and products in the European food market. We are looking for manufacturers on the market who are launching some cutting-edge products with which we can make a breakthrough to Hungary.”



Our domestic food sales team covers the entire West of Hungary, where we serve our partners in every big city with the help of our representatives.
With direct sales and personal contact, we can serve independent and networked department stores as well, to deliver products to all residential segments.

Our sales representatives increase sales volume. 
We make it possible for the consumers to find our products on the shelves of their favorite local stores.

The philosophy of our company is to guarantee the best quality to all our partners. One of the important elements of this is that each brand belongs to a brand manager, thus ensuring outstanding attention in terms of marketing and sales.


Recognizing the needs of the constantly changing and expanding market, NOVA-IMPORT takes advantage of the best available marketing opportunities. With constant innovations and creative solutions, we are able to increase brand recognition on the market, facilitating brand expansion and development. To this end, we are involved in trade exhibitions and product presentations, and we are effectively leveraging social media, print ads, digital coupons and sales incentives.


We deliver what we promise! 
The advanced IT background system with enterprise-wide reporting enables us to continue to keep our product range consistent.
With the help of reports and statistics and by using the right softwares, we simplify the distribution process and manage the most appropriate supply chain solutions.

 The company’s executives are professionals, who have extensive sales experience (sales and marketing) and high-level expertise on the domestic market.

Our products are delivered from a central warehouse base to our partners’ locations or businesses. We provide accurate and reliable delivery for our partners, flexible selection design and competitive prices.


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We are constantly testing and selecting the best value-for-money products, so customers only need to select the most likeable in the shops.


We put great emphasis on reliability, as partly due to this is why our company could develop so greatly.

We strive for 100% satisfaction from both the parts of the supplier and the client partner.


We profess accurate and reliable delivery and payment!
We guarantee that we will deliver the products to our customers at the agreed time.


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